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My Ten Random Wikipedia Search Results for Today:

01) Antelope Valley Union High School District
Who knew that one of Wikipedia's 3,670,662 articles would be about a school district in Los Angeles county containing 11 schools? Well, my best regards to the Superintendent, Dave.

02) Kiera Bennett
An English artist, some ten years my junior, who seems to be quite successfull in her chosen career. Good for you, Kiera.

03) Candi Kubeck
Another woman quite successfull in her career. Right up until it didn't go so well. The first female captain (pilot) to die in a commercial flight, some 15 years ago. Who knew we kept track of this stuff? My condolences to Roger and the rest of the family.

04) Gaetano Giallanza
As Swiss-Italian professional footballer. Which would be why I've never heard of him. (You mean "soccer", not "football", right?) Sorry, Gaetano.

05) Radwan Coat of Arms
I was happy to read that this is a Polish Knights' clan. I was afraid a new African country had started up without my noticing. (Or being consulted.) It is perhaps my particular interest in things medieval that makes me find this terribly interesting. (And annoyed, since I was supposed to be jousting in Poland last weekend, until fate farted on me, yet again.)

The sad tale of a TV station that nobody watched.

07) Just Like Heaven
The sad tale of a movie that nobody watched, or, alternately, a song that nobody listened to. (Ok, I'm just going with the flow here - since Robert Smith, of The Cure and Southpark fame, wrote it, probably somebody heard it. And probably liked it.)

08) Two Kinds of Laughter
The sad tale of an album nobody purchased. (Sorry, Sara, just continuing the flow here...)

09) Church of St. John of Jerusalem Outside the Walls
By the gods, a Roman Catholic parish church in Poland! What's with the medieval Polish theme here? Not that I'm complaining, given my previously mentioned interests.

10) LSD (video game)
The sad tale of a video game which, from the description I read, I sincerely hope nobody bothered to play.

Any random selection of ten things from Wikipedia will give you two sites on medieval Poland.

29 June 2011

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