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Now that the federal election is well and truly behind us, it is time to turn to the provincial election in Ontario that I have been ignoring. Though not deliberately ignoring. I just did not seem to feel any attachment to it. It didn't resonate - or even register as having anything to do with me. But now - I have an opinion.

Tim Hudak sucks.

Ok, I've never met Tim Hudak, and I'm sure he's a fine guy. But the news headline today was how Tim and his party will scrap all "green energy" projects if elected/

Ok, you got my attention and lost my vote. (If you ever had it. I'm not sure of that part...)

The reason given for this party platform plank was that green energy projects will raise energy prices to consumers. I have two things to say to that.

First, a separate news item in the same newscast that announced this platform said that it was not true. So, I don't know if Tim is correct or not. We'll need a lot more information on that.

Second, who cares? I don't support green energy projects because they are cheap. I support green energy projects because we are screwing the planet up something awful, and we need to find better ways to produce the energy that we are gluttonously consuming. (Yes, some conservation would go a long way, too.)

Third, Bev Oda is still a federal minister. Ok, she's federal and this is a provincial election. But the conservatives lost my vote when they kept her after altering signed documents. I just can't get past this one. As a lapsed liberal, I have become a very frustrated conservative.

Tim's lost my vote. But nobody else has gained it yet. Let's see what happens next...

06 July 2011

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