Photo by the most excellent Jodi Thibodeau
Photo by the most excellent Jodi Thibodeau
Photo by the most excellent Jodi Thibodeau
You're in front of the TV, but it's ok... by Stephanie Campbell
Photo by the most excellent Jodi Thibodeau
Oh my god, he CAN smile! by Stephanie Campbell
Because I can't actually tie a bowtie... by Stephanie Campbell
Ooo, character shot!
Are you talkin' to me?
My own 'Kingdom of Heaven' shot. Orlando Bloom, eat your heart out...
Slogging through the rain in 'Scotland' (Halifax)...
Pretend this is where you wanted the horse to go...
Oww, my freakin' head...
NOT stealing the part as 'Tonto' from Johnny Depp...
What the hell is that???
I know, you can't see the face, but it's me, really...

Jordan Heron

ACTRA Actor / Horse Wrangler

Jordan Heron is an Actor and Filmmaker, and sometime PMP-certified IT Project Manager.
Adept at many things, what he does today depends on who's signing the paycheque.

"I can see how 'just being Jordan' could be a valuable asset... as it should be." - Mary Holding

For the film production company that Jordan is associated with, please go to Barn 11 Productions


  • [10 February 2023]: Well, I'm still alive.
    Looking forward to see what comes my way this year...

2022 NEWS:

  • [12 October 2022]: Not much filmmaking, but acting. Yes, acting.
    Thanks to the fabulous Maya Ritter, and some amazing casting directors, I've booked a web series, a web series teaser, a movie, and three TV series. Whatever is not covered by an NDA is on my IMDb page.
    And the year's not over yet...
  • [01 May 2022]: Did I mention that I went to Ukraine? Apparently the choice was go back to the office in Toronto or go to an active war zone.
    I guess I made my choice...
  • [22 February 2022]: Thanks, Brad, for all your help and support over the last couple of years, and I wish you the best of luck on your new path.
    Next up, a new agent! I am very much looking forward to working with Maya Ritter, at Ritter Talent.
    I had precious little time last year, what with spending so much of my time learning to shoot and edit a video podcast for Dunnville Community Theatre.
    It was the equivalent of producing 14 short films, each between 15 and 25 minutes long.
    It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun, but mostly it was one of the steepest learning curves I have ever experienced.
    I feel that 2022 is going to be full of new projects...

2021 NEWS:

  • [03 December 2021]: You would think that during a pandemic, I'd have more time to update this website. Working on a few projects; a few projects in film festivals. You know, the usual... Just waiting for another shoe to drop.
  • [28 June 2021]: "Missy" has been accepted into the Fusion - West European Film Festival, probably the last festival appearance for this film. And, along with that short, a bit of fun: "The Ealdormere Dance Video", a pandemic project with a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
  • [25 February 2021]: Back in the saddle again!
    "My Last Minutes" has been completed and submitted to a festival today.
    "Razulia's Song, Part 1", which I had a small hand in - acting and horse wrangling - was submitted to its firsts festival last week.
    Managed to get back on set, even if just background work.
    I feel that we are going to start moving again this year, and we're going to move fast...

2020 NEWS:

  • [31 December 2020]: Ok, this year really fell apart, didn't it? There was global tragedy. There was personal tragedy. We started some stuff, we never finished anything, we tried self-care, we tried drinking, we tried...
  • [15 January 2020]: Without a new short film in the can yet, we are submitting "Missy" to the Fusion Festival circuit in Europe. We've been accepted for London, UK, in Feburary. I can't make it to the festival, but we are honoured to be nominated in two categories: Best Director of a Short Film and Best Lead Actor in a Short Film.
  • [01 January 2020]: On the block for this year for Barn 11: The short films "What Remains", "Lawn Gnomes, and "The Old Dog" are all in or ready for production. We are looking forward to, and very much hoping for, a very busy year.

2019 NEWS:

  • [02 December 2019]: ...and we're back from Fusion International Film Festival - East Europe, in Warsaw, Poland, for our last (for a little while, at least) screening of "GPS". And we were lucky enough to pick up a "Best Cinematography in a Short Film" aware for Ross Goodfellow. This is his second cinematography award for Barn 11's last two shorts. He will be insufferable now. Really good, but insufferable...
  • [17 November 2019]: First day of shooting for "What Remains", another Barn 11 Productions short film. The only down side is that we didn't get this together in time for Milton 2020. Hmmm... Where should we premiere this short next year?
  • [01 November 2019]: Sadly, the chicken film is being pushed out, yet again, to 2020.
  • [15 October 2019]: Next stop for "GPS": the Fusion Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland at the end of November, with a handful of nominations. Not only are we attending the Polish festival, but we will be involved with another production company shooting a short film scene there!
  • [01 August 2019]: Next stop for "GPS": the Fusion Film Festival in Brussels, Belgium this August!
  • [28 May 2019]: Next stop for "GPS": the International Filmmakers Festival in Madrid in August!
  • [12 May 2019]: A great time was had at the Fusion South Europe Festival. And to top it off, "GPS" won in the Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film category! The Barn 11 team is awesome!
  • [15 April 2019]: "GPS" has four nominations at the upcoming Fusion Festival: Best Original Screenplay for a Short Film, Best Cinematography in a Short Film, Best Director of a Short Film, and Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film. Needless to say, the whole team is thrilled about this. And I'm going too, because I can...
  • [01 April 2019]: "GPS" is headed to the Fusion International Festival - South, in Valencia, Spain, for a European premiere. And I'm going too, because I can...
  • [26 January 2019]: "GPS" had it's world premiere screening at our own "local" Milton Film Festival. Although I'm not from Milton, and only one of our crew members is there, all of the Barn 11 Productions shorts have premiered there, so we kind of feel like it's "our" festival.
  • [01 January 2019]: Pre-production on a set that is entirely populated by chickens is not an easy thing. Everything must be made to scale. By all the gods, this is time-consuming, but we will get it done in 2019. Maybe.

2018 NEWS:

  • [01 November 2018]: "GPS" is finally through post and being submitted to festivals around the globe.
  • [01 June 2018]: Well, the film for "GPS" is in the can, and we are in post-producion. Once a decent edit is done, we will record the leading lady's voiceover, and then do a final cut. Should be ready for festival screenings by mid to late summer.
  • [12 May 2018]: Principal shooting for "GPS" is today!!!
  • [03 April 2018]: We finally have a CMPA co-producer for our short film, working title "GPS", which means we can move ahead with the ACTRA TiP application. The Plan: Shoot in May. I am so looking forward to this season.
  • [15 March 2018]: I have been tentatively cast in the lead role of the short film "GPS". Ok, being cast wasn't that big an issue, since I'm the writer and producer. However, I don't want to act and direct in the same short, so I have passed off the Director's hat to Roben Goodfellow.
  • [01 March 2018]: I have been cast as "Schuldahis, Chief of the Guards" in the feature film "1000: The Sword in the Stone". An Italian/Canadian co-production, I am really looking forward to this. A return to horseback roles...
    [At some point, this role went away. Oh well, you can't have everything...]
  • [01 February 2018]: The Milton Film Festival was great, and I spent two days there watching a plethora of films. I was disappointed that this year, I didn't have an entry, but we'll fix that for next year.
  • [01 January 2018]: So, not a lot of breaking news for the latter half of 2017. We spent most of last year in pre-production on a number of short films. This year, we film. Yep. For sure. We film.

2017 NEWS:

  • [16 July 2017]: Woo hoo!!! Ross WON in his category at Madrid. Best Cinematography in a Short Film. A first award for Ross, for "Missy", and for Barn 11 Productions.
    We are so proud.
  • [24 June 2017]: "Missy" has been accepted into the Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival, in September 2017. Finally, another festival we can actually get to by car...
  • [24 May 2017]: "Missy" has not only been accepted into the International Filmmakers Festival in Madrid, Spain, but has picked up two nominations:
    "Best Lead Actor in a Short Film"; and
    "Best Cinematography in a Short Film" for Director of Photography, Ross Goodfellow.
    That's only fair - now he and his wife each have one nomination for this film.
    But she got hers first, Ross...
    If all goes well, Stephanie and I will be attending the festival in Madrid! Hola Espana!
  • [16 May 2017]: Yesterday, our short film, "Missy", was scheduled to screen at the International Filmmakers Festival in Nice, France, nominated in three categories:
    "Best Short Film" for producer, Roben Goodfellow;
    "Best Lead Actor in a Short Film"; and
    "Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film".
    We didn't pick up any of the awards, but I'm sure they went to good films, if I can judge from my previous experiences with this festival.
    I would have liked to attend the screening in France, but Stephanie and I were busy on stage in Canada.
  • [12 May 2017]: Opening night for "Calendar Girls" at the Dunnville Theatre, with a really appreciative (and loud) audience that made performing a thrill. I am very much looking forward to all the dates this month. Closing night is 27 May 2017.
  • [19 February 2017]: Just back from the International Filmmakers Festival in London, England, where our short film "Not the End of the World" was selected as an entry, as well as being nominated in the "Best Short Comedy" category.
    We didn't win our category, but I caught the screening of the film that did win, and it was fantastic.
  • [12 February 2017]: Along with the Producer and Director, I managed to catch the screening of "First is the Worst" at the Canada Indepedent Film Festival in Montreal, PQ.
    First time seeing a screening of this short on a truly big screen, I can honestly say that, even with my ego, I've never before seen my head that big.
  • [29 January 2017]: I was lucky enough to catch something on each day of the Milton Film Festival, which, if I recall correctly, meant watching a total of five features and four shorts (out of a possible 8 and 5).
    Our short film, "Missy", premiered on Saturday and was the first runner up for the KKP Audience Choice Award at the end of the weekend.

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12 Monkeys The 39 Steps Bannockburn: 1314 Beeba Boys Calendar Girls California - 4 Count The Coronation of Richard III Canada: The Story of Us Confessions of a Dirty Blonde Covert Affairs The Divide Ealdormere Dance Video Fahrenheit 451 Finding Green First is the Worst Gangland Undercover GPS Greater Tuna The Haldimand Press: 149 and Counting Heartland Henry V Heroes Reborn Illusory Incorporated Killjoys Locke & Key King Lear Lost Girl My Last Minutes Missionary Missy Motives & Murders: Cracking the Case Mrs. Jones Murdoch Mysteries Not the End of the World Nowhere To Hide Orphan Black: Echoes The Owl in Echo Park paint Pimp My Teacher (Jack & Zoe) Played The Quest for Gold Razulia's Song The Red Velvet Cake War Reign Saving Hope Scratch The Sloth Taming of the Shrew The Strain Streams Flow from a River Theories The Umbrella Academy World's Best Worst Thing I Ever Did

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