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#066 - IT'S A SAD WORLD...

What should I talk about this week?

Hmmm, North Korea seems to be trying to start World War III. Or seems to be trying to avoid World War III by blackmailing the world into sending it more food, because they spend all their lunch money on weapons...

Wikileaks has revealed, well, a lot, but the supposed fact that Iran is much more dangerous than we thought. Probably more dangerous that North Korea, because we now think they have missiles AND food, a dangerous combination.

But I want something important, not just "will we all die in a nuclear holocaust soon". After all, that's just not newsworthy anymore.

Wait, Leslie Nielsen is dead?

Now THAT, my friends, is sad news.

If we are going to die, we need to die laughing. Nielsen's brand of humour was not exactly high brow, not something that required a lot of intellect, but he was funny. Stupid funny. The kind of funny that makes you forget that you have bills to pay, that you're kids are bankrupt, that the economy sucks and that North Korea is trying to start a world war.

Leslie Nielsen was funny, and I am very sad that he's gone.

'Nuff said...

01 December 2010

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