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Jordan Heron - The Vanity Card Series

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#065 - I'M BACK...

Ok, I didn't actually intend to go away...

I couldn't think of anything to say.
Then it got really busy with the new horse.
Then I got a bad-sore-throat-flu-cold-plague-kinda-thing.
Then I still couldn't think of anything to say, which is odd, 'cause I object to almost everything I hear on the news, so you'd think I could just pull up some random item and rant about it...
Then I realized how far behind I was and it was daunting.
I hate daunting. Being a little behind makes me work hard to catch up. Being a lot behind makes me give up. But I digress...

And then...
And then I recalled the motto I put on a cassette of music I did for some friends, many decades ago:
"It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you lower your standards."

I had been intending to produce that cassette for months, if not years. It was always "working on it" and "it'll be ready soon". But soon just never came along - I wanted it to be really good, and it was daunting. And then one day, I just decided that I'd been working towards that goal for too long, and it was time to accomplish something. So, in one weekend, I laid down all the instrumental tracks, the vocal tracks, mixed it, and produced a master. One weekend. Because, as I listened to the tracks coming back over the speakers, did I say: "That's perfect!"?

No. I said: "That'll do - on to the next!"

It was awesome.

So, I decided to skip all the vanity cards that I missed, rather than write them all, post them in one day, and blame a "computer glitch" for them not being seen by everyone. I admit - there's a gap, and it's my fault, and I don't really care. And on top of that, I don't even have a topic today except for my own laziness and my apathetic solution to it.

Wow - that's even more awesome.

(Insert moral of the story, that people should stop waiting for perfection and get up and do something. You know: Life doesn't wait - grab it by the balls, err, horns, whatever, and get moving. Make something of your life, even if it isn't perfect. On second thought, don't bother - no one's going to stop reading their computer and do anything anyway...)

So, stay tuned until next week, when I just might post something.

24 November 2010

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