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Yes, responsibility. That's what we have - my partner and I. That's why we have good jobs. That's why we watch our expenditures. That's why we work so hard to pay down our existing debt. That's why we have RRSPs. Yep, that's us - responsible.


That's why we're heading to a horse auction this weekend, sponosered the Quarterhorse Racing Owners of Ontario.

We already have horses - no surprise to people who know us (or read this cheesey card series). But all our horses are recreational. Not always the most conventional recreation - but they are not profit based investments, they are glorified pets.

Still we seem to be moving up what I see as some sort of vague social order. Equestrian life started (at a very late age, for me) as a trail rider. Moved to part boarder, riding more often. Then to horse owner, boarding at an established stable. Then to farm owner, caring for my own horses. Fox hunting, although not on the same continuum, certainly increases my sense of self-esteem on horseback.

Well, that's not quite enough. Apparently, we now have a hankering to head to the racetrack, and stand around with the owners, laughing at people who bet on our horses and lose money. (At least, I'm pretty sure that's what horse owners do...)

Thoroughbreds are out. Too costly to buy. And far too complicated to race. But quarterhorses - that's where it's at now.

Inexpensive (well, less expensive that thoroughbreds) to get in to. And a 20 second race - all in a straight line. No jockeying for positions on the rail. No "fall behind and make a comeback" strategy. 20 seconds - run as fast as you can - and see who crosses the line first. Total excitement.

So, we're considering it. Maybe getting in slowly. Maybe diving in stupidly, as we usually do with something new - who knows.

Financially responsible. That's us. That's why we might buy a racehorse Saturday.

27 October 2010

PS We bought one... Doh...

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