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Jordan Heron - The Vanity Card Series

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Technically, not plagiarism, as I'm giving credit. But I am quoting in entirety, without permission. I like to think it's a little illegal. That makes it more fun.

I'm short on ideas this week, so I thought I'd share something that truly inspired me. Is it because I'm a project manager by profession? Or just because I'm a closet control freak? I don't know, but I was really touched by this when I first read in. In fact, I printed it, and it hangs proudly in my little cubicle that passes for what used to be offices.


The sun rises, the sun sets
The seasons change
Rivers flow
Leaves fall
It's raining somewhere
Spiders make webs
Fish eat each other
Babies are born
Stars are born
People and stars get old
then stop getting old
All this happens and more
day after day after day
At no time am I consulted

1st Aired: 12 Mar 2002

20 October 2010

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