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I've been listening to a lot of ranting this week about WikiLeaks, and Julian Assange. A terrorist, a risk to democracy and the Western world. Even a CANADIAN called for Assange's assasination. Hell, we don't even assassinate our own politicians. Why would we off some Swedish guy? (I've heard it suggested that if we did that assassinate just one Canadian politician, they might all behave a little better...)

I do believe that WikiLeaks is being unfair, and is doing a great disservice in the diplomatic world. However, I don't believe that it is doing this through publication of personal messages and secret documents. I believe that WikiLeaks is far too limited in scope.

It is truly unfair to publish American stupidity around the world, embarassing them horribly, and leaving everyone else out. We KNOW people are stupid. We know that institutions of people are even stupider. (I suppose that should have been "more stupid", but you get my point...) I just don't believe that US agencies are more irresponsible that those in the middle East. I firmly believe that the religious right of Christianity in North America is mirrored nicely by the religious right in the Muslim world.

This one-sided view must stop. WikiLeaks must actively solicit sources around the world. We now know what names the Americans are using to describe world leaders, especially in the mid-East. What we need to know is what they're calling our Western leaders.

We live in a global economy and that includes information as well as raw resources and products. Everyone is attached to everyone, somehow, like it or not. Calling only one government to account for it's folly is, well, folly.

We need whistleblowers and malcontents around the world to all pitch in, and show what's going wrong in their little patch of the planetary political sphere. WikiLeaks is helping to open up the diplomatic sphere so the rest of us can see what irresponsible things are going on. But WikiLeaks won't be truly productive until it is has a reprsentative sample of everyone's dirty laundry.

So long as someone translates it to English. After all, the Western world is the most important one...

08 December 2010

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