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I am always working on something. Currently, I am working on building a horse farm out of nothing. Ok, not exactly nothing. A run-down and non-functioning chicken farm is what I'm starting with. It's not a lot to work with - after all, the cages need to be a lot larger for horses. Actually, it's worse than that. The most recent use of the property, other than squatting by some local who had no better place to be, was as a cricket farm. Yes, a cricket farm, supplying feeder crickets to the pet reptile industry. Cages for crickets are even smaller than those for chickens.

Anyway, I saw potential where no one else did. I've been working on this barn for two solid years now. (And by solid, I mean, after I get home from my regular job.) Every spare bit of time, when I'm not socializing or drinking or watching NCIS, is spent on the barn.

Recently, I passed a bit of a milestone. The indoor arena is complete and ready for dirt. In a chicken barn, you ask? (Ok, you didn't - but I need a rhetorical lead in.) Yes, in a chicken barn.

A two storey building, viewed by dozens of people, and apparently I was the only one to notice that the second floor had no vertical support beams. That meant that the roof was trussed, and that the second floor could be removed. If one was careful about it. Which I have been.

So, now I have an 40' x 175' indoor arena, something I could not afford to buy. Everyone who sees it comments on the incredible amount of work it must have been. Well, yes, it was. Which begs the question...

What are these impressionable people doing with their time? Seriously, I'm puzzled. I know I'm a little fanatical - and I don't expect everyone to take on the projects I do - but we all have 24 hours in a day. What, exactly, are these people doing if they are NOT accomplishing significant things in their spare time?

I don't mean to brag, but I just don't get it.

Small dreams are boring.

07 April 2010

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