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Once in a while, one of those surreal things happens...

A bunch of us are sitting around, drinking. Oddly, though the drinking is a social focus, no one is drunk. It's the act of imbibing that's important; none of us needs to alter our consciousness with alcohol to behave in the manner that follows.

So, anyway, a bunch of us are sitting around...

For some reason, and I have no recollection as to why, someone makes a waving hand gesture. Not waving good bye, but laying the hand flat, palm down, and making an undulating motion with the hand.

Someone else entirely sees it, and explains to the others that this is the international hand sign for "bacon".
Someone else sees it and points out that if you make the same gesture vertically, rather than horizontally, it is the international hand sign for "fish".
Then, arguably, the inevitable happened: Someone else sees this and makes the "rock" sign.

There followed an in-depth discussion and development of the rules for "Rock, Bacon, Fish".

I'll save you the whole painful session, and just relate the final decisions. (Ok, I really can't remember the whole painful session, like I can't remember my own birth.)

Rock smashes bacon.
Bacon wraps fish.
Fish spawns on rock. (This last one has a real "eewwww" factor when playing...)

Try it with friends, at your next little soiree.

I don't know what your friends are like, but my friends invented "Rock, Bacon, Fish."
I would be very sad if I had no friends who could invent games like "Rock, Bacon, Fish".
Very sad, indeed.

31 March 2010

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