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I had an amazing weekend. This really annoys me. Damn, you're hard to please, you think.

The problem is that I'm not yet filthy stinking rich, and I don't yet have a job that I love. Now, just in case my boss is reading this, I do like my job. But still, it's a job and not a passion.

So, I had an amazingly good long weekend. And then, Monday, I was back in the office. In my living memory, I can't recall being in such a bad mood. All because it was such a stark change from the weekend.

I've heard the "follow your passion" platitudes before. Do what you love and the money will follow.

Sorry - but I just don't believe it. When you make a good salary as a professional and your non-paying hobby is your "passion", it just doesn't add up.

So... if I can keep the joy on my weekends toned down, then the job won't seem so bad each week.

A life of mediocrity - what a admirable goal...

14 April 2010

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