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So, back to my old problem. What to write about?

It's vc107, so I type '107' into Wikipedia to see what happens. Well, apparently what happens when you type a number is that you get the default page for that year, in the Julian calendar. I don't know a lot about the year CVII, and the fact that Lucius Licinius Sura and Quintus Sosius Senecio become Roman Consul does not fascinate me. However, what does fascinate me is the list of other calendars down the right hand side of the page.

Most calendars listed I have heard of or make some obvioius sense to me. Calendars based on specific religions, cultures, geographical regions. But something catches me eye - the calendar whose number is higher than the others. And, suspiciously, looks strikingly similar to '107'.

It is year 10107 in the Holocene Era calendar.

The what????

Turns out, some guy (specifically, some guy named Cesare Emiliani) makes up this calendar 18 years ago, in 1993 AD. (No, I should say 11993 HE.) Yes, with some minor exceptions, it is just adding 10,000 to the current year. It's not just an arbitrary number - human life (as we know it) began about 10,000 years before the start of the AD section of the Julian calendar.

The argument for this calendar comes down to two things (which I will paraphrase mercilessly).
1) It makes talking about human history easier, since everything happens in the positive years. (There are, of course, BHE dates, but they don't involve humans.)
2) It is not specifically related to a current (or demised) culture, region or religion. It's non-partisan. (Unless you're non-human, I would suspect.)

I am inspired.

Unfortunately for Cesare, I am not inspired to use his calendar. I am inspired to make up my own. After all, if he can, why can't I?

His justification for the calendar basically seems to be "It's easier for the people using it."
My justification for my calendar will be the same: "It's easier for the person using it. Me."

The year is easy. Like many cultures, where the date is started from the first year of a Monarch's rule, I will simply use my birth date. The date that I blessed this world with my presence - and began the rule of my world. (Although I doubt my Mother would say that I ruled my world at that age. Or, perhaps, ever...)

Dates could be more complicated. For now, we will simply move New Year's Day to 26 November. That means the last day of the year will be 25 November. We (and by "We", I mean "I") will keep the current method of days within the Julian calendar, and follow the same rules for leap years and the like.

For now...

But just wait - I may think of a better way to calculate those as well.

Don't hold your breathe waiting for a Jordan Heron Era pocket calendar to show up at your local Coles store. Do we I'm going to do next year. Buy a calendar, scratch out 2012 and put in 52 in crayon. Well, for the first part of the year at least. Later it will be 53.

14 September 2011 AD
14 September 12011 HE
14 September 51 JHE and just 10 weeks and 2 days to New Year's Eve!

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