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I've been living with my current partner for a decade now, as of this past weekend. That's a record for me. I haven't been easy to live with, and for that, I have apologized to her. That said, we have made great strides to create a life that few others have had the opportunity to have.

To say we share interests is kind of weak...

Ten years ago, I had been a horse owner for fifteen months. It was all new to me - and I thought I knew it all. (The arrogance of the person who has read a book on the topic.) Stephanie had owner her mare for a couple of years, I believe. We road the trails, and we did medieval gaming - part of our fascination with life in the middle ages.

A decade passes, and where are we in September 2011?

For starters, we are living on our 40+ acre farm. We wander to the barn, and look at our six horses, dozen chickens, two hounds, innumberable (ok, four) barn cats. Most of the horses having just finished their season of jousting, and are looking forward to a fall season of Riding to Hounds (aka Drag Hunting). I've just finished cleaning up from the last joust we hosted. Our registered quarterhorse is recovering from shin splints - next month, he should be racing at Fort Erie. Stephanie started Vet School at Guelph University two days ago.

Contrary to the old cliche, if you'd told me this 10 years ago, I would have believed it. In fact, I would have been thrilled. This wasn't exactly a full blown plan back then, but it was an aspiration. I wanted my own horse farm. I wanted to joust. I'd never been fox hunting, but I'd heard of it, and it sounded interesting enough. The turn of Stephanie's career is the only thing that could be called a surprise - but even that seems a natural progression.

I am reminded of the old adage: "Pity the atheist who feels blessed but has no one to thank." I'm not exactly an atheist, but I feel a need to express my joy at where my life has ended up. Bumps along the way; certainly failures and disappointments about how I have behaved in many instances. But, I have ended up here, and here is a very good place.

Here's to another ten years, with more of the joys and fewer of the sorrows.

07 September 2011

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