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So you hear people bitch and whine about the state of our healthcare system in Ontario, and in Canada as a whole. Let me tell you a little bulletted story of Sunday night...
  • 07:30 PM - Go ride our horses in the outdoor arena that Adam & Jenny helped us repair and improve the day before
  • 08:30 PM - Dismount, and allow the horses to graze on fresh grass for the first time this spring
  • 09:00 PM - Prepare to put the horses back into pasture for the night
  • 09:10 PM - One of the horses not being ridden bolts for the gate when it is opened - Stephanie tries to stop the 1,4000 lb bastard - he crushes her thumb between himself and the gate, basically degloving the ball of her thumb - there is blood everywhere, and a horse loose on the neighbour's lawn
  • 09:15 PM - The horse is caught and I am running for health cards and car keys, as Stephanie trudges to the house, holding her thumb together
  • 09:25 PM - Arrive at the emergency ward
  • 09:26 PM - Placed in the OR #3
  • 09:28 PM - Nurse comes in and deals with the situation
  • 09:38 PM - Doctor comes in a deals with the situation
  • 09:50 PM - Stephanie is bandaged, and is given drugs to last 24 hours, because the local pharmacies are not open
  • 09:55 PM - Leave the hospital
  • 10:05 PM - Arrive home
  • 10:10 PM - Stephane is sitting in front of the TV, sipping a very large Rum and Coke
It was exactly an hour of distraction, from the onset of catastrophe to a relaxing evening. Well, relaxing except for the fact that Stephanie's thumb can't be used right now, and may never look the same. But still...

If you don't like our healthcare system, just make sure you only get hurt in Dunnville on Sunday nights. It's awesome...

11 May 2011

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