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Ok, I understand that there is a world stage out there, but you'd think we could at least top our own new reports here at home...

Monday, Canadians took to the polls, to choose a new government. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Now I've ranted before about how we've been screwed. I've pointed out the failures of all the parties - Harper harbours crooks, at best. (Is a crook, at worst.) Ignatieff is more American than Canadian, and has no clue what the people want on this side of the border. Layton looks like a brilliant leader, if only he didn't front the Financial Disaster Party. So, as I say, we're screwed. But, like it or not, we get a new government. This shapes the face of the nation as we move forward...

And Monday's top news story is: Osama bin Laden is dead.

I don't approve of terrorism. I grieve for the losses of 9/11. But I don't give a rat's ass that bin Laden is dead. Especially when we have our own government to choose the same day. You'd think - pityful as our election hopefuls are - that they could get top billing on the day of their election, or defeat, and not play second fiddle to the American mility machine, just this once...


What's all this fuss about not allowing election results to be broadcast in areas where the polls are closed? Yes, it is a crime. Yes, there are good reasons for it. But... there is a very simple solution. Very very simple, and the government doesn't have to do anything or prosecute anybody.

Don't release the results.

If Elections Canada refuses to release ANY results until the last poll closes, there will be no information that can be criminally spread from coast to coast. Am I some kind of genius? I highly doubt it. But somehow, in all the media reports I've heard with umpteen experts in the field, not one person has suggested this.



Because I'm not a late night kind of guy, if I can help it...

A Conservative Majority government, with the NDP as the offical opposition.
The Liberals selling off the extra chairs in their offices, and no one in the Bloc office at all.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, because no one will reread this in five years, assuming that anyone reads it now...

Next election? Liberal majority, Conservatives as the opposition with the NDP right behind them.

This is because the first two of these four things will happen:

  • The Liberals will select a new party Leader. This person will realize that the country needs a strong centre line, and that the failure of the Liberals in this past election was primarily a failure of the people to accept Michael Ignatieff, not a failure to accept the Liberal platform. They will run a more positive and upbeat party and campaign, learning from Jack Layton - smiles get you more votes than attacking people. (I listened to Ignatieff's concession speech - if that had been a campaign speech - humble and directed towards serving the people - I would have voted for him. I don't want grace in defeat - I want grace during the campaign.)
  • Harper, though he gave a great speech about representing all Canadians, will act just as intolerantly as he has for the last five years. The economy will improve, allowing the people to elect someone further centre. After all, Harper did not win this election. Harper weathered a tough economy well, and Ignatieff lost the election.
  • Layton will go back to being the third party. I think he'll have a good few years - a good leader - but the people won't support the far left policies when they have a reliable middle ground.
  • May will do fine, but the Green's are never going to be a party of that covers all issues. Until the world is beyond hope, and we are all wearing gas masks and body suits to protect us from our atmosphere, people won't put the environment first.
How can I be wrong?
  • If Harper is not as dumb as I think, and actually consults with people.
  • If the Liberals are not as smart as I think, and don't pick a leader who understands what needs doing.
I grew up Liberal, and turned into a Conservative. It ripped me up to vote NDP in the last election, but Jack needed to be rewarded for running a real campaign, and not just a string of attacks. I want a Liberal that I can vote for again. Please.

04 May 2011

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