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I suppose it is nice that the news can surprise me.

I mean - I don't consider myself an unfailing prophet of the future, not by a long shot. But I was sure, and I MEAN SURE, that Bob Rae would be handed the Liberal Party leadership.

As I recall, Bob complained that an interim leader should not be barred from seeking the permanent leadership. Balderdash. An interim leader is an incumbent. And while it's true that incombents sometimes face the wrath of voters because all politicians are evil, I don't think the same can be said of a party leadership race. After all, everyone voting is already inside a political party, so they've already been seduced to the dark side. There, incumbents have a distinct advantage.

So Bob reluctantly took the interim leadership. I was in no way surprised when it was announced this week that the party was discussing whether or not to change that rule and allow Bob to be crowned. I mean, to run for the leadership. Not surprised at all. In fact, I assumed that this was Bob's plan all along.

Imagine my surprise when this did not happen. Me. Wrong. And surprised by a political outcome. Huh.

So, I figure one of two things happened:
Thing One: Bob decided, as he stated in his press release, that he could best serve the party in a different role. This does not seem to be consistent with his past actions, which is to get out front, take charge, and try to stay there.
Thing Two: The party said "We're not letting you run, Bob, so make a graceful exit." Now this seems like a more likely scenario. In either case, Bob is out. And I am suprised, but happy.

In my mind, Bob Rae is NDP. Jumping ship to a slightly more succesful party is not a way to win my vote. If Bob ever decides to sit for the Conservatives, I'll have no one left to vote for.

Oh wait, Bev Oda is still a Conservative. Already can't vote for them...


13 June 2012 AD
13 June 52 JHE

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