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The provincial government has decided that students must be able to name their social clubs in whatever way they like. So, if they want to have Gay/Straight Alliances, to support people of sexual orientation different from our current right-wing interpretation of the bible, then so be it. Up until now, many Catholic School Boards have resisted this, and want such clubs to have different names. Perhaps they believe that if the club doesn't used the "gay" word, then gay people won't actually be real.

I agree with the government. Words are important, and the students should name the clubs as they see fit. It is important for all students to have a voice, to have support, and to name the issues as they see them.

No, wait, I don't exactly agree. I go further. Let's just remove funding from all religious boards and schools completely.

I am not against religion. After all, I've followed a few in my life, and they were really quite necessary for me at the time. What I am against is the teaching of a specific religious doctrine as a framework for all other teaching in a school, if funded by the public.

I am not a rabid atheist. I think public schools SHOULD teach religion. They should teach religion like they teach many other subjects and areas, which people are free to use or discard, as they see fit, once they have left school. Teach about all of the various aspects of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, whatever else you can find. Tell the kids WHY the Jehovah's Witnesses are coming to their front door, and WHY the Hare Krishna's are dancing on the downtown streets. Teach them WHY some Islamic women wear face coverings while others don't, and WHY some Jewish mean wear that little head covering and others don't. Also teach about atheism and agnosticism. Teach the kids that, if you believe any of these religions, that it may and should colour their views of everything in their lives. But don't make that the framework for the science, the biology, the math, and anything else you teach in the public school system.

The country is secular. It was founded as such, and should remain as such.

The belief that an areligious society is an ammoral society offends me. Good and bad both exist in the secular world, just as they do in the religious world.

Yes, Easter and Christmas are default statutory holidays. But that does not make this a Christian country. This is a secular country, that should embrace the individual right to practice any and all religions.

An it harm none do what ye will.

30 May 2012 AD
30 May 52 JHE

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