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So in the quest for something to talk about today, I fell back to the "Random" button in Wikipedia. The article that came up was "Mr. Sub". Ok, a little disappointing at first glance. What life lessons can I glean from a sub joint and then pass on to you, the loyal readers. (Hello - anyone out there?) Especially when I don't shop at Mr. Sub. I don't like their subs and that's kinda the point of going to a sub joint - you gotta like the subs.

But wait! Mr. Sub is Canadian? Ok, I'm not blind - I see the little Maple Leaf in the period on the logo. But I figured that was marketing. They are Canadian. While not a flagwaving type (few Canadians are, unless we're at the Winter Olympics), I do like to "shop Canadian" when I have a choice. So this bears some thought.

But wait! Again! The Wikipedia article has a link to "Canadian restaurants". Now I'm curious. What other food places are Canadian and I didn't know?

The list is impressive.

  • New York Fries struck me as most odd. Apparently, we can start up a Canadian french fry company, but "Brantford Ontario Fries" just wouldn't have that ring to it. And South St. Burger, a place where I had an awesome, if expensive, burger is one of their brands.
  • Mr. Greek is another Canadian one. Ok, if you're serving Greek food, this makes sense, as Mr. Canada would be misleading. Besides, in the joust community of Normandy France, MY nickname is Mr. Canada, so that would be personally confusing to me.
  • Boston Pizza, again, I assume, because "Edmonton Pizza" just didn't cut the marketing mustard.
  • Pizza Pizza, a place I semi-regularly pick up a slice, is Ontario based.
  • Tim Horton's was a no brainer, since I'm from Canada and have lived in Hamilton, and had a doughnut at Timmies #1. Of course, even after further research, I'm still not sure if Tim's is Canadian any more or not. It was, then wasn't, then was...
  • There's the conglomerates, of course. Cara owns Harvey's, Swiss Chalet, Montana's, and Milestones.
  • MTY owns the aforementioned Mr. Sub, but also Yogen Fruz Canada, Tiki Ming, Mrs. Vanelli's, Taco Time, Country Style, Thai Express, and Tandori.
  • The aformentioned Mrs. Vanelli's amuses me only because I've never seen one in Canada but have eaten in one in the USA.
  • St-Hubert, if you don't like Swiss Chalet chicken, is the Quebec based alternative.
  • I knew about Cows Ice Cream, but I'm very impressed that it made the list, given there are only nine outlets. I don't live near one, so I've never eaten there, but I've bought the t-shirts.
There are more. Many more. I don't expect this to be a life-changing experience for me in the grandest sense. However, I think I will pay more attention to where I eat, and who holds the corporate pursestrings. Just for fun...

11 April 2012 AD
11 April 52 JHE

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