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Seen on FaceBook:

You can't handle half what I've dealt with...
There's a reason I do what I do...
There's a reason I'm who I am...

I used to think I was special. I used to think no one understood me, or had gone through what I have gone through. I used to hold myself apart from other people, knowing that I was somehow better than them for having made it through what I had. And, alternately, held in some small awe those who had lived through much greater trials than I had. Then, I got over myself. And them.

Now, I find postings such as the one above - and many many others like it - amusingly offensive. True, I don't know what you've been through, but you don't know what I've been through. No matter what you and I have been through, there are people who have had to suffer much more. And much less. And even if others (perhaps myself included) have suffered less, it is all relative. I can only judge my difficulties in my life by my standard - and survive and thrive as best I can. If my life has been easy compared to yours, it's likely just the luck of the draw. And who knows - mayby I would have borne up just as well as you, if not better, had life thrown me your troubles.

I have a good life, but the troubles I do have still trouble me. That's kinda the definition of troubles. And my troubles are not invalidated just because you see them (and maybe even I see them) as lesser than yours. I would like everyone to get off the martyr complex. Pretty much everyone has a tough life. And, oddly, pretty much everyone has a good life.

By the way, I certainly agree with the "Don't Judge Me" line that starts off the quote. I just think it should have stopped there.

And while I try SO hard not to judge, there's a chance I would have taken the above quote seriously if the punctuation in the original had been correct. I may not judge your life, but I certainly judge your postings if you don't use a spellchecker...
(This is always a risk - I have to edit very carefully, as I don't use a spellchecker on these posts, and I always feel stupid ranting about other peoples' errors as I publish my own for them to see...)

14 March 2012 AD
14 March 52 JHE

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