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I'm torn.

I despise Facebook petitions, and other cause-related propaganda. It bothers me that people who wouldn't cross the street to help a homeless person can, with the click of a mouse, express their outrage to the government (or anyone else) about the sad state of social affairs and demand that something be done. Inherent in that mouse click (as I see it, anyway) is the demand that something should be done by someone else. After all, I don't have time to step away from the computer and my all-consuming social network.

The torn part in me is that these arm chair mouse-clickers DO actually have opinions, and MAY represent the populace at large. I personally think that to support a cause, you should actually have to leave your seat. However, that has its inherent risks - often the only groups that can physically mobilize people are radical, to some degree or another, in their views and may not actually represent a real majority, or even a significant minority.

So what to think? Do we give more weight to the opinions of those who physically demonstrate in the streets? Or do we listen to the opinions of those who needed do nothing but push the "Like" button?

Like most of my rants, I have no solution. I think the government needs to do the very best job they can, to protect and support all of their citizens. I think we, as individuals, need to do the same - whether that's through actually writing letters or emails, adding our names to online petitions or (even better) physically supporting whatever you deem necessary. I, personally, fall very short on this last part.

How do I deal with the mental anguish of puttering around my farm, riding my horses, spending time and money on hobbies and interesting pursuits, when there is massive injustice and such horrible suffering around the world?

Well, in three ways. First, realize that I don't have the resources to fix these issues, even if I beggar myself trying. Second, throw a little money at those causes that mean the most to me, to assuage my conscience. Third, don't think about it too much.

I know, not much of a personal philosophy. But hey, I'm not Ghandi. Never wanted to be; never claimed to be.

Huh. I started writing ten minutes ago, planning to lambaste Facebook and its lazy users. End up writing about how inadequate my personal life view is. Well, I guess that's what introspection is all about.

It sucks, really...

22 February 2012 AD
22 February 52 JHE

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