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Jordan Heron - The Vanity Card Series

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#118 - FORGET

To take a piece of clay,
to form it, shape it, mold it,
to take such infinite care,
to create a thing of elegance,
of simplicity,
of surpassing beauty.

To set it aside to dry,
before the heat of the kiln
would make it complete,
make it whole,
make it strong.

And then to forget.

To see the clay standing alone,
and forlorn -
neglect and the storms of time
batter the edges,
beauty fades,
replaced by sadness.

To discover this,
the sin of omission,
the love not given,
the tenderness missed,
must crush the potter's soul.

To rebuild,
to hope, to pray,
and see the flames dance,
wondering if,
after all this time,
the firing will complete,
or destroy.

08 February 2012 AD
08 February 52 JHE

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