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What to do, what to do...
Well, vote, of course.

I'm not sure why I take voting so seriously. I honestly feel that it is a civic duty - a responsibility in a democratic society to take an active part in the governing of my country. So, I will vote. I will always vote. But, honourable intentions aside, I can't think of a practical reason.

Every candidate has platform planks that I support. Every candidate also has platform planks that I think are really dumb. There isn't a single candidate that I can wholeheartedly support. And, of course, since I'm voting locally, I often like (or at least tolerate) the local candidate, but dislike the party leader. Or vice versa.

Honourable mention to the NDP. They are far from perfect, but they run a cleaner campaign than anyone else. Almost (I say, almost) makes me proud of politicians. But maybe that's just Jack's ghost still haunting us.

But do I vote for the political "type" I want - honest (well, for politicians), straightforward, up front - when their ideology is the farthest from mine? Or do I vote for someone who's views are similar to mine (but not exactly mine) but whom I wouldn't trust to play Go Fish without cheating a seven-year-old out of her lunch money?

Do I look for a fringe party and "throw away" my vote - but cloak it as a "protest vote", since a vote is a terrible thing to throw away?

If you've been reading my rants long enough, you know what's coming next...
I have no answers to any of these questions. I'm going to go vote on Thursday. Right now, I have honestly no idea how my vote will be cast. And once I have voted, I'll probably sit back and think that I should have voted differently.

It's a thankless and unrewarding task, being a moderate, and having to think things through.

Fanatics have a much easier time of it.

05 October 2011 AD
05 October 51 JHE

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