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#101 - BCRF

The British Columbia Renaissance Festival, in Langley, BC, just finished up for another year. This is the third year running I've had the good fortune to joust there. I am not exactly an expert on Ren Faires, but I've seen a few of them - some closer than others.

I think I am safe in saying that - using a harsh and critical eye - with a few individual exceptions, I've seen a lot better talent elsewhere. I am also safe in saying that I've rarely seen a bunch of people have more fun. And entertain the audience while doing it.

It's an odd group, to say the least. But then maybe thats what makes it work for them. After all, the core of the Company is a pirate crew. I've got to imagine that a real pirate crew would be among the more dysfunctional organizations you might find.

Supreme authority at the top, but tempered by the constant risk of mutiny. Sailors that couldn't make it in a main stream crew. Maybe too competent - or maybe too incompetent - to fit in elsewhere. Having broken the law, literally or socially, or perpahs just holding themselves above the law. A truly motley crew that finds its support in each other, against the rest of the world.

And yet, like real pirates, dependent on the rest of the world for support. Happily, your money is given more or less voluntarily - not taken at the risk of your own life and limb as I would expect from the real deal.

I find it hard to pass judgement, given that I feel a not insignificant kinship with them. For as long as I'm jousting (and I don't know how short or long a time that will be) I'll look forward to my invitation, and to heading out west for a long weekend.

God Save Captain Charity.

03 August 2011

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