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I was listening to the CBC today, and some political analyst was saying that when the outcome of an election is a foregone conclusion, there is an increase in voter apathy. I believe that, of course. What I'm trying to figure out is what that foregone conclusion he was referring to is...

As I ranted two weeks back, I (and in my opinion, the entire country) have been screwed here. I don't have any of the typical "voter apathy" symptoms, as I see them.

  • I don't see the election as a foregone conclusion, except that only the Liberals and Conservatives have a fighting chance. Layton may be optimistic in his public statements, but he can't really think that the NDP could win even a minority, let alone majority, government.
  • I don't see the parties as "the same". I see evils on all sides, but that's not the same as "the same".
  • I do care who leads the country - and I can be bothered to do something about it.
  • I'm not going duck hunting with the Inuit, so I'll be at home on voting day.
My issue is not apathy. My issue is choice.

As in: There is not a good one. It's worse than choosing the lesser of two evils. I understand that - when the evil does not have a conscious mind. But this isn't choosing the lesser of two evils - it is telling the lesser of two evils that you support what they are doing. It's giving official mandate to their evil. And I cannot stomach that.

I had two friends run in the last municipal election. They lost - but they tried. It's a little late for this election, but perhaps I should be a candidate. Perhaps I should run for election.

I don't think I would win, especially as a completely unknown independent. I have no experience in official politics. Although I believe I have some good ideas, I doubt I could solve the country's problems. But I could solve MY problem.

I would have someone to vote for...

13 April 2011

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