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The Canadian people have been screwed by the opposition parties.

Now, I don't mean mildly inconvenienced. I don't mean that we're being forced into an election that polls show we don't want. I don't mean that it will be expensive and a waste of money. I mean we are screwed. There is NO good outcome, period.

Although I was nominally a conservative, though I don't carry a card for anyone, I just can't trust them. Bev Oda, the fraudulent and lying Minister, was the final stroke for me. The government has been found in contempt - and the Bev Oda thing is much more important to me than disclosure of a few million dollars of unpublished costs. Yes, the opposition can beak on about "failure of disclosure" but hey - all of the parties (and probably all of the individuals) hide things, hoping the media doesn't find out and bring it to our attention. But the Bev Oda case was just too far.

If we want any sort of financial future, we can't vote for the NDP. I remember Bob Rae when he was in power in Ontario. And, speaking of Bob, that's one of the many reasons I can't vote Liberal. I just don't trust either of the opposition parties to do the right thing, fiscally. The attack ads bitch about the Conservatives for running up the deficit, even though that's what the global economy demanded. I am convinced that ANY ruling party would have done the same thing, so to complain about is somewhat disingenuous. Besides, it's a minority government. Any budgets or major spending that took place, all parties are complicit.

I just can't believe that the Liberals or the NDP can form the government; they haven't got the support. And I wouldn't trust them if they could find the votes.

So, here's the rub...

It's not that I don't WANT to vote Conservative, it's that I CAN'T. If we return a Conservative minority, we have the same useless situation we just had. The best thing for the country would be a Conservative majority. But we CAN'T. We just CAN'T.

If we return a Conservative majority, we tell Steven Harper that fraud and lying is OK. We accept everything he's done! And he's done some very unacceptable things! We accept it, and we give him a mandate to continue - without even the flimsy controls of an opposition party that can take him down.

I don't think the words on this electronic page can fittingly describe my outrage. Because that's what it is. I am outraged!!

I could have accepted the continuation of the Conservative government. We could have tried to explain to Harper, yet again, that he needed to be responsible and responsive to the Canadian people. Now, that option is denied to us. Now, we have to elect someone. And we can't. Not Ignatieff, not Layton. And not Harper. There is no one I can vote for in good conscience.

I don't know what to do.


30 March 2011

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