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#073 - BLUE WEEK

I was looking for some inspiration, some topic to yak about. Something that wasn't just all about me, and how well this year has been going. Ok, we're only three weeks into it, but, with my track record for wrecking things, I'll take what I can get.

Anyway, so I went to www.thestar.com, one of the city daily newspapers, hoping for random thoughts to strike. Well, that was a mistake. A sample of the headlines:

  • Funeral for Sgt Ryan Russell, killed in the line of duty
  • Suicide bomber, kills 52, wounds 150
  • Chemical additives in kid's toys
  • More people set themselves on fire in Tunisia
  • More details on Ashley Smith, teen prisoner who committed suicide in 2007
And if the headlines aren't bad enough, my friend has to put down his cat this week, his companion for somewhere just shy of two decades...

With all this crap going on around me, it's hard to know what to think. My life is pretty good. I have no particular reason to be depressed. But with the pain and suffering that goes around, it can be difficult to bear up - even when things are going well.

Maybe it's this Blue Monday thing. Wikipedia, the authority on absolutely everything in the world, is inconclusive as to whether Blue Monday was Mon 17 January or the upcoming Mon 24 January in 2011. So...

I vote for establishing an entire Blue Week. We can spend a full seven days allowing ourselves to be sad about those things that are truly sadness-worthy. And even a few that aren't. Get it all overwith for the year.

Then, we can pull ourselves together and have a fantastic year. I know I'm expecting to...

Bye, Jade. I'm not much of a cat person, but you didn't seem to notice. You seemed above such trivial matters as what humans think...

19 January 2011

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