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So, most people forget their New Year's resolutions until the next 31 December gala drunk, when they recall that they said they'd do something, but couldn't be exactly sure what that was. This year, one of my unstated resolutions was to keep track of my stated resolutions. Part of this plan was the mid-year check in. (Is it obvious that I've bought in to the corporate mind-set just a little too far...)

Here we go, the resolutions and the comments...

"I resolve to lose some weight. After the awesome 7-day cruise, on which I only gained 4 pounds, I weigh 185.5 lbs. I figure that's at least 15.5 too much. By the end of the year, I will be down to 175. Maybe lower. I don't want to set the goal too low. On the rare off-chance that I happen to exercise, I'm conscious that muscle weighs more than fat."

  • Ok, this was a wimpy goal. Because my weight seems to fluctuate a lot, I weigh myself daily, but only pay attention to the weekly averages. I was down to 175 by the end of February. Right now, I range between 172 and 174, depending on the day. So that's the problem. The wimpy goal was easy, but now I seem to have plateaued. So, we can take this goal as done, unless I fall apart in the next six months. But I'd like to aim for consistently below 170. That, however, might involve actual work or more willpower.
"I resolve to eat a little better. But not a lot better. This one goes along with the above, but is in competition with it. Yes, I would like to improve my eating habits some - but I love food, very specific and bad for you food, and I refuse to spend the rest of my life in thrall to some organic health diet. This resolution will be the biggest challenge, in terms of balance. It can start with less soft drinks."
  • This is going about as well as expected. I'm not eating particularly "healthy", but I'm eating less, and cutting down on needless sugars, especially soft drinks. I haven't had a soft drink at work yet this year. Note that I said "needless". When it comes to bourbon and coke, the coke is an essential ingredient, necessary to life itself. And aspartame taste like crap, so don't any of you suggest that "diet" pop. I'll just chew my toes instead.
"I resolve to clean up my finances. I'm not doing too badly, but spending seems to be just a little more than earning each year. I'd like to not only increase my net worth (which I did manage to do last year) but also to decrease unsecured debt. I wasn't doing too badly this year. Right up until we bought the new truck and horse trailer last month. Doh!"
  • This is moving slightly ahead of plan, which is good. I still have a line of credit balance, but it's been decreased by nearly 25% since the end of last year. And the credit card balance is roughly at zero. Well, it was at zero, until I booked the trip to Europe for July. Ooops.
"I resolve to be nicer to my partner. Things have been looking up - meaning that I've been less of a jerk. But things could still improve. A lot. And, although it would be nice if she participated, I can make a lot of the improvements on my own, just working on bettering my personal behaviour."
  • There's no way I can judge this, so I slyly worked it into conversation recently. I said something like "Hey, if I had made a New Year's resolution to be nicer to you, how would you say I've done?" I am nothing if not subtle. I'm still waiting for her answer.
"I resolve to be a little more conscientious at work. Can't really say anything more on this one without getting fired."
  • I've tried. Can't really say anything more on this one without getting fired.
"I resolve to get both my Nitrox and Dry Suit certifications through PADI. Unlike the above resolutions, these are quite specific and largely frivolous. They fall under the "why the hell not" category."
  • Haven't started this yet, but I did go diving in Bermuda.
Not bad for a well-intentioned middle-aged white guy in North America, if I do say so myself.

30 June 2010

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