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#044 - WHERE I AM

As I type, I am sitting in my horse trailer. Wait - let's really set the surreal scenario...

It's just after 9:00 PM, and I'm preparing for bed. I am sitting on a cot, wrapped in a huge "duvet" (for lack of a better term) of about 12 sheepskins stitched together. The cot is set up in my horse trailer, which (not surprisingly) smells distintly of horse pooh. It's dark except for the light of my corporate laptop screen. I'm touch typing, much more successfully than I expected, as I can't actually see the keyboard. My horse, meanwhile, is outside in a paddock, staring at the trailer, wondering what the hell I'm doing in it.

Today, I was at the office. Tonight, I sleep in the trailer. Tomorrow, I joust and drive home. And the next day, I'm back in the office.

Growing up, never once did I imagine this. I never thought "I know what I want - a middle management job in a big company, stealing small swatches of time away to partake of truly bizarre hobbies." But it happened.

I love my life. It keeps me moving. And thinking.

There's no real point to this ramble. I was just short of ideas. Nothing in the news inspired me. I didn't feel compelled to speak on some deep topic. I was just wondering what to write. And then I thought about WHERE I was actually writing. Like that wasn't odd enough...

I simply hope that someday you find yourself in a similar situation. Not necessarily a pooh-scented trailer. Just somewhere you ended up, and then you look around objectively and think "Huh - I never figured on ending up here."

But in a good way. Not like "Huh - federal prison - I never figured on ending up here."

09 June 2010

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