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So I was listening to a radio piece on the CBC today. Yes, that's how old I've become - rock stations gave way to oldies stations. Now, it's CBC Radio 1, listening to news and documentaries. But that's another story. Actually, it's not, but I digress...

One of the pieces today was on growing old. Old people of today don't necessarily fit the expectations of the young people of today. Many old people are active and healthy, and can be genuinely interesting and fun people. (Assuming that they were interesting and fun as young people before that. I've noticed that boring tends to continue as boring. Anyway, I digress again...)

The radio piece asked that people point to "role models" for us as we age. Two things come to my mind.

First, I'm not sure things have changed. Ok, maybe they have. But maybe old people never behaved as younger people thought they did or should. Maybe it's a view that's always been incorrect - just that no one thought to challenge it. I have trouble thinking that, all of a sudden, old people are all behaving differently.

Second, my role model is myself. Ok, that's kind of arrogant, and I'm not my ONLY role model. Both my parents are role models. They are both in their mid-70s, and their lifestyle hasn't change all that much in the last 30 years or so. They are as active (or, at times, inactive) as they always were. But getting back to me. I'm my role model. I have a lifestyle and activity level that I really enjoy. My intent, as I age, is to not change this at all. I am me, and I want to stay me, because I'm awesome.

Ok, best laid plans and all that... I may, as I age, become less healthy. Or perhaps one of the many injuries I sustain on a regular basis will put a real cramp in my style. At that point, I may have to adjust. But it will be "adjust" and not "give up". I'm going to be who I am, no matter what. And, as I said, I'm awesome.

Oddly, I'm more active and in better shape at 50 than I ever have been at any other point in my life.

It's sad, really...

Anyway, I'm off to Bermuda this week for some fox hunting and some scuba diving. Just away for a longish weekend though - there's a two week jousting gig starting the week after, so I need to get back to knock the rust off my armour...

28 April 2010

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