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That's the headline on the newspaper of the lady sitting next to me on the commuter train. At least, that's what I think it said. I'm trying to do the "Toronto stare". The "I'm looking in your direction, but trying to make sure you don't notice because that would be awkward because we're complete strangers" look. I guess the lack of human contact between strangers is an issue for another day.

Apparently Adam Giambrone doesn't have a lack of human contact. At least, not with a particular young University student. But my beef is not with Giambrone's past actions. My beef is with his bid for election in the first place.

Let's look at past behaviours of both the media and political competitors. Presumably, Giambrone knew he had "inappropriate relations" outside of the non-marital but stable relationship that he has with his partner. Did he NOT foresee this coming to light? Did he NOT think that someone wouldn't dig it up and present it to the voting populace? Why do people think they can run for politics with this sort of baggage behind them? I mean, if you're gonna run for office, you gotta be prepared to defend your actions, or dismiss them as irrelevant in the face of real political issues. Or something. Anything. You can't just hope no one notices.

I can never run for office, and I know that. There are not a lot of decisions in my life that I regret. Yes, there are a few. There are things I might have done differently. But most of those are very private things that few people would know about. I've done very few things out in the public I that I am ashamed of - where I said "Wow - that was too stupid."

But, if I had a different mindset (which I never have had - until I saw this article in the news), if I viewed things from a political vantage point, there are a LOT of episodes in my life where I would have said "Wow - that'll turn the voting public against you!"

Like dressing up as a woman for a fetish night in a bar. It was a one time deal, but if I ran for office, you KNOW the pictures would be on the internet within days.
Like belonging to a fringe religion. It's a free country, but you can be sure I'd be all over the papers as a Satan worshipping freak (which I'm not - just for the record).
Like being behind in my personal income tax filings. Yes, they're up-to-date now, but they weren't last year at this time.
Maybe my drunk driving charge would come up. It was 25 years ago, no one got hurt, I paid the penalty, and it's behind me. But it doesn't endear you to voters.

One of two things needs to happen...

The people who run for office need to evaluate themselves closely up front, and just not bother if they don't measure up.
The voting public needs to realize that politicians are just as screwed up as they are, and if they're looking to elect a saint, they're gonna be waiting a long time.

As for me, though I'm not overly proud of them, I've had affairs and "open relationships" in the past. If Giambrone has to drop his mayoralty run over a couple of incidents, I sure as hell am not throwing my hat in that ring...

10 February 2010

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