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It's the end of 2009.

I'm pretty sure I made some resolutions at the beginning of 2009. Probably stuff about eating more healthily, losing a bit of weight, getting in better shape. Probably something about treating my partner better too.

So, how did I do? Since I can't remember what I resolved, it's pretty hard to judge that, eh? Instead, let's simply evaluate the year...

  • At work, I didn't employ quite the ethos that I should have, but I did get things done that the company wanted done, so that's good.
  • On the farm, I didn't finish all of the things I wanted to do, but then I never do that. I always set my sights too high. It discourages laziness. But everyone else says I got a lot done.
  • Financially, I sucked. Ended up the year deeper in debt that I started. That said, we also added a new truck and horse trailer to our assets, so at least we have something to show for it.
  • In relation to my blood family, it's the same. Which means we all love each other, but never see each other enough. And, as we age, this becomes an issue.
  • In my relationship with my partner, well, that one's kind of difficult. I never improve as much as I want to, much like the to-do list on the farm is never complete. But you can't really aspire to finish all the chores; you can aspire to be the best partner. And I feel that I improved. Made "great strides", if you will. But not enough. Not nearly enough for my own satisfaction. I'm not sure about her satisfaction. (I mean about improvement - not the other kind...)

So, what does all this mean?

It means I need to actually keep track of my resolutions next year. That way, if I actually keep any, I'll have something definitively positive to say at the end of the year.

Really Important Thing:
2009 was a whole lot of fun.
Next year will be even better.

Happy holidays to you all...

16 December 2009

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