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I am a Monarchist. In my particular case, that means someone who supports the ongoing system of constitutional monarchy, where a "people's government" is firmly entrenched with a King or Queen as Head of State. The Monarch does not take an active hand in governing the country day-to-day, but acts in both ceremonial and oversight capacities.

Occasionally, I have run-ins with "republicans" who think the monarchy is out-dated and pointless, and should be abolished. These are my personal reasons for opposing this republican viewpoint:

Humans have an innate need for hero-worship. Just look at ancient mythology, or religion, or Hollywood, or sports. We have to have role models, people we look up to, people we want to be like, people we envy. We have to put someone on a pedestal, if only - in the case of tabloid reporting - so that we can try to knock them off so we don't feel so inferior.

For this reason, there will always be "royalty". If we abolish the actual Crown, who will replace them in our hearts and minds? The royalty of America? Who would you prefer as a role model to your child, Paris Hilton or Prince Harry? (Yeah, I know. Prince William is actually above Harry in the succession, but the alliteration just wasn't there.) Or, as a role model, how about a sports figure? Or a Hollywood movie star? There ARE good role models to be had there, but there are good and bad role models in any group of people. And the bad ones seem to get the press.

It's been argued that the Royal Family is just a bunch of rich people, taking power through inheritence with no need for merit. I put to you that we do that same thing in North America. Rich familes are rich families, all over the world. Their money (and the power that comes with it) is passed down.

The difference is that the Royal Family are trained from birth to be duty bound to their people. Just look at the schedules that they keep, and the number of public appearances that they make. Look at the charities they champion and support - and give to, generously, with both time and money. For example, the "Prince's Trust", a charity set up by Prince Charles over 30 years ago to help youth in business, due to the devastating unemployment rate.

And let's look at the career choices of this upcoming generation... Military careers are no surprise to the Royals. But if you had all the power and prestige of the Royal Family behind you, would you serve in Afghanistan? Would you risk getting shot, when you didn't need to? Both Princes have done so, Harry having a two month tour of duty - before the public found out. Against his will, he was pulled off the mission when he was "outed". Imagine the risk you lay on your buddies when the enemy finds out that an heir to the British Crown is in your unit.

Anyway, there are a lot more reasons to support the monarchy, but this is not an essay, it's a vanity card.

My point, if I haven't made it clear, is that the members of the Royal Family of Britain are born into a very difficult role. And that role is vital. And they fulfill that role admirably. They have my utmost respect, all of them.

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18 November 2009

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