Jordan Heron

Demo Reels, and other things...

Current Demo Reels

  • Acting Demo Reel - 2022

  • Monologue - 2020


  • "It Ran", an internal corporate commercial
    (One of the weirdest projects I've been involved with...)

  • Spotify for Beliebers
    (You didn't know I liked this music, did you?...)

  • Southwest Airline Commercial
    (I'm on the horse, but you gotta look fast!...)

  • SiriusXM H.A.H.A.
    (The funniest biker ever. Or not...)

  • Buick Envision
    (Where Gordon Ramsay gives me the stink eye...)

Festival Interviews

  • Fusion Festival - South (Valencia, Spain) - 2019

Previous Demo Reels

  • Acting Demo Reel - 2016

  • Tenor Demo Reel, singing Javert's "Stars" from Les Miserables

  • Acting Demo Reel - 2014

  • Action Demo Reel (Work in Progress)

Shorts and Teasers

  • Trailer for "GPS", 2019

  • Trailer for "Not the End of the World", 2015

  • "The Haldimand Press: 149 and Counting", an Ontario 150 short documentary, 2017

  • "Snowblind", by Justin Gray, a Ryerson short film, Toronto, 2014

  • Teaser for "Grown Up Problems", 2014
  • Teaser for "Missy", 2016

  • "paint", 2016

  • Jordan Heron as 'Vera Carp' in "Greater Tuna", 2015
  • "Still Life", by Michael Huerto, part of the 48 Hour Film Project, Toronto, 2014

Other Videos

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